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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

A Fat Girl Goes Into A Running Store

I am not the sort of girl who shops in running stores. In fact, until about a week ago I wasn't the sort of girl who knew running stores EXISTED. Apparently running is such a thing that there are whole stores just for those who run. WHO KNEW? 

I've been wearing these really cute Hello Kitty vans as my casual shoes and then more as my "every day" shoes as this situation with my plantars fasciitis tends to ebb and flow with the moon or something. If you haven't ever HAD plantars fasciitis then get down on your knees right now and pray to whomever you pray to a thankful prayer that you don't have this. 

Here is what it is like, if you want to try it at home. Break up a bunch of glass and put it beside your bed. Make it variable pieces, large and small, sharp and smooth. Then, go to sleep. First thing in the morning, sit up on the edge of your bed and then plant your heel into that pile of glass. Stand up and put all of your weight into this pile of glass. Now, have that pile of glass magically stay under your foot for every other step you take throughout the day.

That's plantars fasciitis. 

Well for some time it's been apparent that even with inserts to help with the pain I needed some better shoes. I wanted shoes I could walk if not run in (I want to run, my body doesn't want to run, thus far I am listening to it). So I asked about and was recommended to go to a running store. My first thought was like this. 
Because a running store would be full of jock people who run and are fit and talk about their low body fat and whatever it is runners do. They're fine individually but runners in a group are irritating to us fat girls. Well, to me. I'm speaking for everyone. I'm the spokeswoman today.

But, it was brought to my attention that they could do a gait analysis and also some other stuff and help me pick out shoes best for ME. This seemed like witchcraft, however, I decided to give it a shot.

I have never tried on so many pair of shoes in my life. And what is this in some shoes I am a ten? WHAT IS THIS LIE?
 In a good shoe, I wear a size six, but a seven feels so good, I buy a size eight.

Ok so maybe a 9 and a half. And apparently a ten on occasion.


But, they all felt amazing. Some were more amazing than others and after a while I narrowed down the most amazing and the even more amazing and made a choice. At that point I was the proud new owner of a really expensive pair of new sneakers.

It's not that I can't afford fancy shoes it's just that hell when you have four kids, one of whom is 13 you tend to make sure they get the stuff THEY need and well mom and dad get what "will do."

We're from the midwest - we make do.

So my experience in a running store was actually really amazing. I wasn't uncomfortable or weirded out but maybe that was because Tamara from twins club works there and so right when opening the door I saw a familiar face and that made it not scary. Her co-worker waited on me, and was really amazing to have someone so patiently listen to what I need and not think what I didn't know about was weird. 

It really made me wish I was some hardcore runner because I want to go back and buy all the things from them because since they were so nice. 

So, running stores exist and they aren't just for runners. Fat girls can go in and buy shoes. Our money is good there. 

Who knew?