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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Everyone Can Help Someone

My husband started a KICKSTARTER for a mutual friend who is in need. It's actually a need rather than a want, as it's a computer for her and it's her link to the world day in and out.

Back in the day disabled people lived with family and the world came to them via newspapers and letters and occasional visitors. Today people who can be independent do so, but they can maintain their communications and relationships via computer. It keeps them in touch and part of the world whereas not having one disconnects them - leaving them adrift in a digital age that isn't very forgiving if you don't come along.

Here is what my husband writes:
Hi. My name is Scott and I'm trying to raise money for a new Mac for my shut-in friend. She was a vibrant young lady who's whole life revolved around helping others until one day she was in an accident that cost her her job, her personal life and her future. She makes almost no money yet she still tries to make other's lives better through charity work, despite being a virtual shut-in that is mostly bedridden as well. She will probably never get better. Her life now is online, through an aging Mac laptop. It is on its last legs and is how she lives now. She doesn't even have a cellphone. She has spent her whole life helping others, in both little ways and big. I thought it was time that someone helped her. I would like to raise enough money to buy her a really nice Mac. If I can't raise that much, I'll use whatever I raise combined with the money I have to get her the best that I can. She has no idea that I'm doing this. If you can't help out, that's okay. Help someone else if you can, I'm sure she would like that even more. Thank you very much!

If you're able to contribute anything at all, it'd mean a lot. She lives on a strict budget and when this one dies, there just isn't any way for her to acquire a new one. She's made her life work helping others and serving those who needed support and advocacy. It would be amazing if we could pay her back with this small gift that will mean the WORLD to her.

If you can contribute please click here. ANY amount no matter how small is greatly appreciated.