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Sunday, March 08, 2015

Cocktails and Coca Cola Cake

I decided that I wanted to try a shellac manicure as I'm going to be travelling and if I didn't have to take my nail stuff that'd be awesome. Allegedly these things last for up to two weeks, and I'm travelling for one week so hey, that's a win to me.

A new nail bar had it's grand opening right by my house yesterday, and after I ran an errand in the morning I stopped in. The sign said they opened at 9:30 am. As it was after 10 I figured why not.

When I got there the place was full of people, all standing around. They told me that they weren't grand opening until 11. So I needed to come back. I was kind of WTF about that, but went home, thinking maybe I'd go someplace else.

But 11ish came and I wandered back over there. Imagine my surprise when there was confetti everywhere, dancers dressed up in costumes (I'm taking a guess here - Korean?) and inside I was even more surprised. There was a grand piano set up and a guy playing, caterers were serving hors d'ouvres and and what seemed to be models were walking around getting a photo shoot done in various parts of the place. In the center I realized there was a bar, and at first they were serving wine, until two guys came in wit boxes full of spirits and someone called out "WHO WANTS A REAL COCKTAIL?"

Who am I to say no?
So I enjoyed the cocktails and the snacks despite that regardless of this being their grand opening, half the place seemed unprepared to be open. For instance, no actual manicure stations were set up. That seems odd. I had to sit in a pedicure chair. Pedicure chairs aren't comfortable if you aren't getting a pedicure. Where do your feet go?
But it was interesting anyway. Most nail salons are such assembly lines. This place was fun and full of excitement and everyone was treating it like a party. They've got chairs for little girls too, and I was amused to see all the dads in there with with 10 year olds picking out pedicures with them, it was a hoot.
With that adventure under my belt and a nice new manicure to boot I headed out for one of my last days with my family for a week. The girl had her first soccer game of the season. All of their practices were rained out/iced out/too told so this was the first time they had seen one another. Their coach laughed, "Let's see if they remember how to play." They did.
She ran and played and we sat and cheered as her team made short work of their opponent. She's still the littlest girl on her team age wise, everyone else is turning six while she's just getting ready to turn five. I'm so proud of her though, even when she pretends she an airplane rather than following the ball.

After soccer and some errands we went for dinner at Cracker Barrel and I felt very nostalgic for all the times we've been there on our travels the past few years. I had to have some Coca Cola cake to round out this last meal out with my family before I leave for five days. Coca Cola cake is a southern staple food.
My Saturday started with cocktails and ended with Coca Cola cake.

My god, I'm turning into a belle after all.