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Sunday, April 20, 2014

The House Where Everyone Plays

When I was little, I had the house where everyone plays. In fact, it was the house where everyone plays outdoors, not so much indoors. But we had outdoor games of all sorts, tetherball (yes that DEADLY playground sport) and other games always ready. We would play outdoors for hours, me and the random kids from our neighborhood.

We didn't HAVE little kids around this neighborhood for so long - or they were wee little ones and we didn't know it. But thanks to folks moving, and kids growing suddenly - we have kids. Today we had squirt guns and the bubble table, and sidewalk chalk, and just general running and screaming and playing.
The neighbors grandkids who also happen to live there came over and add them to my four we had crazy times today in the sun. I think I got a little burn. 

It's so exciting to me, because we never had this for our kids - nice neighbor kids to play with. The people on one side of us "won't let Louis play" over there now because they don't like us. That's the short version. That's ok, I don't like them either. 

I want to be the house where everyone plays. 

I'm going to be.

That was the most fun two hours ever.