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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Her Birthday Joy

Yesterday was HER day. She say "Happy happy JULIA Birthday!" on and off all day. She had a special bath with fancy bath confetti that looked like flowers and made her feel like a princess. We did our nails together, a lovely shade of soft lavender. I let her help. This is why my nails are simultaneously terrible and awesome.

She ordered a carrot cake at the bakery, and had it decorated like with Princesses. She then decided she doesn't like fancy carrot cake with walnuts and raisins and actual carrots. She likes the crappy carrot cake from Walmart.
There were presents and hilariously despite getting things she asked for and really wanted, her favorite thing was a Doc McStuffins backpack. She wants to set it with the boys backpacks - lined up for school.

My favorite thing she got is this gem.
Scott found it at an antique market, and yes, it's a Barbie lamp. We put it in her room with a dim bulb and GUESS who slept in her own room until 6:30 am WILLINGLY? That's right. This time we were both ready. And when she came to snuggle with me, I was glad to see her.
We went to her FAVORITE place for birthdays, and she couldn't wait to see and dance with Chuckie. She literally started screaming like a Beatle had entered the room when he showed up.
Miles proved he's not too big to ride the clock face thing, and he won tons of tickets because he's insanely good at some of those games. Charlie likes to ride things best of all. He thinks that's great.

They are all still sound asleep at 9 am. I think that means it was an awesome birthday.