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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Four Years of Pink

Four years ago she was brought into the world, and was mighty annoyed with us all over it. She was comfortable, cozy and wasn't interested in coming out doing what we wanted.

Nothing has changed.

She's independent. She can do it herself. She's mouthy. She carries a purse. Often it's full of Matchbox cars. 

She's the person who was missing from our family, but we just didn't know it yet.

Today is her special day, and we're celebrating by giving her a party and a girly day made just for her. 

I have trouble remembering much of the day, yet I remember every minute of that day. It's weird how time works.

She's cut throat at CANDYLAND, people. I gotta warn you, don't bet money. Nobody gets to candy castle faster.

Happy Birthday little girl. You are exactly what we needed around here.