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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

I Couldn't Find My Coffee

I sat down at the computer with a cup of hot steamy, sweet and creamy coffee but then got up to adjust the fan. When I sat back down I edited pics for a few minutes and then realized, I had no coffee.
I went over and turned on the light in the computer room, and couldn't sort out where it was.
I thought I just brought it upstairs with me, for a little "in between school buses computer time".

I went back downstairs. There was a ring on the counter where I had definitely poured it and not sponged up the ring. I knew the cup existed. I looked in the living room where the oldest boy was eating his grits. "Have you seen my coffee?" "Nope."

I looked in the bathroom, I looked in the refrigerator and the cabinet and then I wandered back upstairs thinking I would check my bedroom when I glanced over at the 8 year old quietly watching PBS.

That's a Big Lebowski cup. It says "I'm finishing my coffee."

And so he did.

I bet his teachers appreciated the highly caffeinated severely autistic child!