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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

6:27 AM

There is a large human male to my right snoring. There is a smaller human male, much smaller, to my left, sleeping on my arm. There is a human female laying on top of me, clutching a stuffed tiger named Tigger. There seems to be a matchbox car on my shoulder, possibly a book.

This isn't that unusual. It's not actually in any of those parenting books, but I'm sure someone somewhere would call it attachment parenting. Personally, I just call it parenting. Is there detachment parenting? I digress...

I lay there, swaddled in humans, and take stock of how I feel.

I haven't had an awesome few days, and I didn't post because really oh my GOD can I really continue to post "Hey I feel bad and now I went to THIS doctor" ? Even I am weary of it.

I had to take an antivert pill on Monday night, because the vertigo was creeping up on me, but I forgot I had decided to take only half a pill and thus spent the last 24 hours mostly in a fog. Antivert is a hell of a drug. It's the opposite of cocaine I suspect. It's a bit of medical irony, I finally get my exhaustion and fatigue under control with vitamin D and now I have to take a pill that puts me right back into that place and then some.

I realized, glancing at the clock again, that I actually felt quite good. So the pill had worn off. Put this on the check list of good things so far today.

The other thing I noticed was, my foot didn't hurt. The story on my foot is that I have a mostly healed stress fracture and severe tendinitis but my physical therapist called it tendinosis which she says is, like worse, so whatever. My foot is hurty. I am now doing physical therapy to make it less hurty. I did my first physical therapy yesterday and learned that ice can burn. NOT A FAN OF THAT.

But, something they did must've worked because it doesn't much hurt today. It only hurts a wee bit today as I've walked a bit now.

I've got Heath bar flavored coffee creamer and, I feel pretty good for the first time in days. So far, the only bad part of my day was having to unwrap myself from my tiny and big humans and climb out of that snuggle factory of a bed.

But even that wasn't so bad. I get to get back into it again tonight, and there will be snuggles.

It feels like it's going to be a pretty good day.

random picture. because I can. :)