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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

When Did Strep Get Like THIS?

Everything was better when we were kids. EVERYTHING.
Diseases were better. They made sense and were always the same.

Strep throat for instance, was a fever and white spots on your tonsils and a very sore throat and general all over bad feeling. It used to be, that I knew strep throat from a mile away. I could feel it creeping up on me. Predictable, a day down, antibiotics consumed and you'd bounce back.

When I became a mom I got more educated in what strep could be, when Miles was suddenly sick with a high fever and his body covered with a red rash that looked like lace.

THIS I learned, was scarlet fever which is just another form of strep.

Then a couple of years ago, while in North Carolina, I was puking uncontrollably and having chills and high fever. I even had this cartoonish moment where, when turning left through a four way intersection, I had to lean out the car window spraying the intersection with a fine deluge of puke.

We always laugh about that now.

But as I have spent the past two days, dizzy, nauseous, puking, chilling, and enjoying this new different version of strep I am pining for the white dots on the tonsils and sore throat of yesteryear. Really, a sore throat is so much better than feeling like you might explode out either end at any time.

Can't you visit the way you used to, oh dreaded strep?