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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Did I Ever Tell You About The Birch Box?

It's my new crack.

In my never ending quest to increase all things about me that are girly and awesome and pretend like I am NOT in fact 43 I signed up to get Birch Box  delivered to my house every month. For about 10 bucks, I get a box of samples of make up and skin care and hair stuff, and most months I get at least one full size thing (so far that seems to be lipsticks) but you know, it's been sort of a weird adventure. I discovered Zoya nail polish (hello new addiction) and Vichy skin care and it goes on and on.

Some months are better than others, but each month I've ended up with at least one thing that made me do a happy dance in girly joy at getting fun things delivered like presents.

Presents I paid for but presents nonetheless.

I am officially hooked.


Rodney said...

My wife loves getting stuff like that in the mail her!

My wife (Annette) has started another blog page where she likes to do, book reviews, tid bits of family insight, pictures she sees and snaps that make her and maybe even you smile and lastly she loves to do giveaways as her sweet heart loves to bless and encourage others. http://continuedwonder.blogspot.com/

Thank you (Annettes husband)Rodney