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Sunday, April 15, 2012

This Has Got To Be The Good Life

My brother came to town and brought his family, and my oldest son found a new fan in his little cousin.
We spent time together at Zoo Atlanta, being touristy and having the best time with the people that I would choose to be in my family if I hadn't have been lucky enough to have the universe place them there.
I have been kind of not blogging for a couple of weeks, because I've had this WEIGHT OF 1000 medical issues bearing down on me, but now that they seem to be lifting, I'm looking back over two weeks and realizing how great it's actually been.

I love seeing these guys, it's funny I really only see them about once a year but it's kind of neat to see how much LIKE people you are - and your children are.
It was a nice reminder of what your family is supposed to be like. It's supposed to be people who are happy to see you just because you are you. They like you if your house is dirty or you like things they don't. They're your family. They love you no matter what.


April Brandon said...

We had a great time too. Samantha has talked about Lou quite a bit since we got home.