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Monday, January 23, 2012

My First Mammogram

I should've gotten one when I was 40 but I got pregnant. Then I should've had one when I was 41 but I was nursing. I should've have one when I was 42 but I was avoiding the doctor because I was still annoyed with him for having gutted me while conscious to remove my child.
But now I'm 43 and Dday is here. Or Mday perhaps.

They said not to wear any perfume or deodorant in the breast area. I'm assuming they mean just don't WEAR any because I don't ACTUALLY put deodorant on my breasts. Does someone DO this?
I mean how much do your boobs sweat if you need deodorant?

I could've asked this question but I was nervous and just saying "ok Ok Ok" to everything they told me to do.

So anyway, I've got hot coffee and it's storming, and I'm about to go get dressed and then try to remember not to slather my boobs with deodorant.

This should be interesting.


Sarah said...

People put deodorant on their boobs?

Laura said...

When you see how you have to cram your whole arm around the back of the plate upon which they ratchet down the lid to squish your boob completely flat, you will know why you shouldn't wear deodorant. It will be all over their equipment. Have fun with that. I guess it beats the alternative of dying from breast cancer, which I can say I do not recommend.