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Monday, January 02, 2012

I Like This Guy Called SHAKESPEARE

I think it's just a symptom of the internets in general, a segment of us -hell even probably me sometimes, wants to appear smarter/wiser/cleverer than we are. I find the epidemic of ridiculous responses you see on social networks to be an ever growing annoyance to me though.
Case in point. This question is posed: "I'm looking for something new to read."

Some clove smoking douchebag always has to pipe up with KEATS or, YEATS, or BYRON or if they want to appear more hip and relevant they toss out Palahnuik (first rule of reading FIGHT CLUB, we don't MENTION Fight Club). Somebody always suggests Khalil Ghibran and then there's the jerk who comes up with something random like JACK LONDON.


We can't admit to reading mainstream pop fiction, is that the thing? I'm pretty sure that SOMEONE out there is reading all those "Cat who wrote books and solved mysteries" books. I don't really know what those books are, I never read them. But I know there are a lot of them so someone is reading them, I feel certain of it.

Like right now, I'm ready to start reading book three in the Game of Thrones saga. - A STORM OF SWORDS. Yeah I'm reading it because EVERYONE IS READING it. I am reading it because HBO made a series and it's good. Plus it's got sex and violence and monsters and that's all good to me.

I don't think there is anything WRONG with reading the classics. I don't think there is anything wrong with re-reading the classics. I just think it's kind of hilarious, no one is EVER EVER reading THE ZOMBIE SURVIVAL GUIDE (which BTW is #2 right now on the New York Times best selling paperbacks as of today), or some John Grisham who I see on the best sellers list - AGAIN.

It's not because social media sites are populated by nothing but THE LITERATI. In fact, I suspect it's quite the opposite. But perhaps it's because we want you to THINK we are, that we make such pretensions.

I, for one, think perhaps you should check out Shakespeare's Sonnet's. I hear they are QUITE popular. OOO and you know who is awesome? STEINBECK!

Fssssss. I love the internets.


Goon Squad Sarah said...

I read the first two "Game of Thrones" books and I LOVED them. I'll read the third right after I finish "A Visit From the Goon Squad" which people have been assuming I had something to do with for the last three years.