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Monday, January 02, 2012

A Synopsis of Twilight Breaking Dawn: by a 9 Year Old

A random discussion of Twilight Breaking Dawn, which no one in this house has seen, prompted the oldest boy to offer up his interpretation of the storylilne.
According to him: There's this vampire and this werewolf and they both got giggety with this girl and she's pregnant now and going to have this MONSTER baby that's going to rip her apart when it's born. Plus it's going to destroy the earth so somehow they have to stop all that from happening plus they both still want to get giggety with the girl.

Well ok. I can see why this franchise is so popular, now.


Sarah said...

I've read it and it is a fairly accurate description, except the werewolf doesn't actually get giggety with her - he just wants to.

Emma said...

the werewolf wants to get giggety with the "one day will be legal and attractive" monster child.

*don't ask me why they didn't edit that whole part out of the movie. it was creepy enough in the book.*