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Saturday, November 19, 2011

I Was Denied Both Indians AND Pilgrims

So we went to the oldest boy's school for the traditional Thanksgiving lunch (served properly one week BEFORE Thanksgiving on Thursday). I kind of like this, because, we go and eat in the cafeteria with the kids and we get to go through the line with all the kids and get food.
It's cool to see how they do it now - different from when we were in school. These new fangled educators do a thing called "OFFERED" vs. "SERVE". They put food out on a cafeteria style line and the kids select what they want. One entree, two sides, etc etc.
Back in my day, they slopped food on your plate AND YOU WERE GRATEFUL.
Ok that's totally a lie you weren't, you just simply threw away that crap you didn't want. So that makes this way much better.
I love that part of it, and I love seeing the kids performing on the piano, all the artwork in the hallways, and especially all the kindergartners and first graders dressed up like Indians and Pilgrums. Little paper hats and headresses, paying homage to the first Thanksgiving where we told the American Indians THANK YOU FOR HELPING US STAY ALIVE OH HEY WE'RE GOING TO NEED ALL THIS LAND.
Except for THIS year.

This annoyed the crap out of me. Where were my Indians? Where were my Pilgrims?
Have we gotten so PC we can't be American Indians who really WERE at the Thanksgiving and we really WERE glad for them to be at that meal? If that's the case - THEN WHERE WERE MY PILGRMS??
Surely there is no white guilt in dressing up like Pilgrims? Or maybe were the Pilgrims t0o religious? I'd say it's separation of church and state run amok but I live in the bible belt and so that's not it.
I'm chalking it up to lazy teachers and or no budget for glue and construction paper. Which is a crime because it's epic cute and ridiculously fun.

However, the very best part of the entire lunch is the part the big boy looks forward to the most.
Showing off his baby.

He wheels her around, up and down the aisles, making sure all the kids get to see her. He skipped ICE CREAM to make sure he had enough time.

Watching him push her around, I'm pretty sure I know what he's thankful for.