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Friday, November 04, 2011

Halloween Traditions Old And New

As long as there have been twins in this house, there have been Twins Club holiday parties. I joined when I was pregnant (it's where I met the awesome Sarah) and ever since joining, we've drug our entire crew out for every holiday party we could. The Halloween/Fall parties have always so much fun.
The usually include bounce houses, and crafts and a picnic which is ridiculously fun. I don't know why, it just is. I think I'll be really sad when my kids are finally too big to do this stuff.
Yeah he's facing the wrong way. He's autistic leave him alone!
The new thing we do for Halloween time is that for the past two years we've gone to Six Flags for FRIGHT FEST which is spoooooky fun. SEE....
The put up graveyards and cobwebs and flood the park with fog at night. Plus there are spooky characters roaming around to make it extra Halloweeny.
The most "nervous about spooky stuff kid in the world" wanted to get his picture taken with these guys who did this zombie old west show. This slays me.
It also slays me to write "zombie old west show".
They also do trick or treating with ladies dressed up in dresses that I THINK are supposed to be southern belles, but I am fairly sure Miss Scarlet would call this look Poor White Trash. We all know how bad and tacky that is.

The girl didn't get to ride too much but I think at 18 months she's doing just fine in the stroller ride.

I like going to Fright Fest. It's a huge undertaking to take six people to an amusement park all day but it's a lot of fun when the day is themed like this. I hope we keep doing this one.


Laura said...

We go to Fright Fest at the Six Flags in St. Louis every year. It is the bomb! Plus, it gives us an excuse to eat some outrageously good BBQ at Pappy's Smokehouse in downtown St. Louis. One of these days, we'll have to try the Six Flags near you!!