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Sunday, September 25, 2011

She's In The Middle Of A Big Bike Race: THE FAIR PART ONE

Ok, I have tons of awesome fair pics and things to share but before I do all that, I have to get this out of my brain before I forget it all. It's about our dinner at the fair yesterday. It was NOT to be missed.

At dinner time, we wandered over to the booth where we normally eat was, and notice the only table that was really free had a girl sitting at one end not eating. The husband asked her if she minded if we shared her table, and she smiled and said no so we all piled into that table. The husband left to go fetch food, leaving me alone with the baby, the twins....and this girl.

"Your children sure are beautiful." she says.

Ok well that's a nice thing to say, so I engage her. Well, I say thank you, and she tells me then that she works at this booth. She starts explaining how she has to leave school every day at noon during the fair to come work at the booth and everyone is completely jealous of her.
It's at this point that she doesn't stop talking.

She's only 14. She loves the fair. She knows everything about the fair. She then leans over and does a wolfe whistle at a man in his 30s at the booth next to us roasting corn. She informs me she's been "messing" with him all day while he works and he's funny. From what I can tell he looks faintly horrified, honestly.

She informs me that working at the fair is much easier than her normal Saturday job. I say "Oh really? What's that?"
"I have to lift goats all day."
Me: "Oh."
Her: " Yeah and I can lift more goats than the men at my work. And I just tell them they better get to work because I'm not there to lift all their goats for them."
Me: "Yeah I can see that."

She then gives another holla over to the guy making corn. The husband then returns, and I smile and leave to go fetch corn with the oldest boy. The guy she's been harassing waits on me. He looks completely mortified.

When I get back to the table, the look of death the husband gives me tells me he's been enjoying her company too.

She told me that LAST year she got sent home from the fair because her boyfriend came to the fair and punched her in the face and so she punched HIM in the face (presumeably she is VERY strong because of all this goat lifting) and anyway she got sent home from the fair for an entire day and she didn't think this was fair AT ALL.

She goes back to the goat lifting, apparently there is also GOAT CAGE lifting. She then asks me if I know where some town in Georgia is - trying to impress on me how far she has to go. I say "No I'm not from here is that south of Atlanta?" and as though I haven't spoken she starts naming towns.
Do you know this town? NO. Do you know this town? NO. Do you know this town? NO. Do you know this county? NO. Well you go through this town and this town and this town and you come to this town with a town center and you have to go around the town square and that always confuses me I always get lost because their town square is really hard to figure out...(methinks because it's a SQUARE).

I ponder at this point HOW she is getting to this far off-unknown to me town,at the tender age of 14. She looks about 16 or 17 but extremely dorky, kinda chubby and immature.

At that point, she got up and wandered over to the roasting corn booth and DIRECLTY bothered the guy working there. To his credit he worked faster and just kept trying to keep moving, nodding and stuff not to be rude but trying to just keep working AROUND her.

It was exactly like what talking to GAVIN in real life would be.
I swear.


Coupon Mama said...

These pictures totally make me miss the fair. I'm all about the food when I go to the fair each year. I had a deep fried Klondike Bar this year LOL. It was good but a total mess!