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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

And Then Charlie Was Gone

Following our every morning routine this morning, at 7am two short buses roll down my street. I take the twins, and Charlie goes to swing on the porch swing, and Miles and I put on his back pack and walk down the driveway to meet the first bus.
What happens next is that I go BACK up the driveway and by the time I have Charlie and his backpack, Miles bus is pulled away and Charlie's bus is there.
Except this morning, I turned around....
and the swing was swinging....

without a Charlie on it.

I froze.

I called him. Nothing.

Have I mentioned there are coyotes in our woods now? Have I mentioned it's DARK out when they get on the bus?

I called him again.

He came bounding out from behind the minivan laughing and hooting, he'd tricked me.

Guess who will be waiting in the house now?