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Monday, July 11, 2011

WooshStuh WooshStuh

Last night at bed time, I read one book plus Goodnight Moon as is our tradition (ok on late or hectic night's it's just Goodnight Moon). I said goodnight and gave kisses and then something happened.

Charlie said "WoooshStuh Wooostuh!" and got out of bed and drug me to the closet where the books are.

He pushed my hand up toward where the "good" books are, the books we keep out of reach of two little boys who tear up books accidentally on a regular basis.

"WoooshStuh WoooshStuh!!!" he smiled.

For the first time in seven years, Charlie was asking for a book. A SPECIFIC book.

Ten Wishing Stars.

A birthday or Christmas gift years ago from Uncles Tim and Justin, it's always been a favorite because it's a count down to sleepy time. Recently Charlie has been excited to say the numbers as we read it. But he's never ASKED for it.

I took the book and went over to the bottom bunk and both twins came over close to hear.

And so I read it, "High above the flock at night..."

"TEN!" said Charlie.

"...wishing stars, shine so bright."

Who knew he had a favorite book?


American in Bath said...

I'm sitting in my living room being completely thrilled for you and him. I may now have to go get a copy of that book.

Laura said...

Charlie seems to be having a lot of "firsts" lately. I can't wait to hear about his next one! Amazing.