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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Art Smart

We like to go to museums. I think it's one of the few habits the husband and I have leftover from childless days (the BEFORE times). I used to have friends who'd use as a social calendar for events and festivals. They just had to know where we were going, to know what was going on that weekend.
I won't lie, we slowed way down 4 kids and 13 years later. Zero kids meant we were never home. 1 kid meant we were rarely home. 3 kids meant we were sometimes home. 4 kids means we're sometimes NOT home.

I guess we still get out a lot. It's so good for the kids though.

The oldest boy's teachers always comments about how much he KNOWS, that he's got a story and a point of reference when they are teaching events. So I think even though sometimes he's being 8 and rolling his eyes he's absorbing.
And the twins?

Sometimes they act nuts. But mostly they don't. We've always gone and taken them places. I'd say it's routine but it's not. Each museum has it's idiosyncrasies and oddities so it's not some autism routine that we fall in to.

Yeah, he's picking his nose right? That's a normal kid thing to do. I totally embrace it.

These are pics from the Booth Museum and it's one of our favorite once or twice a year haunts. It's a cowboys and indians museums, with lots of great sculpture and even tons of movie poster art.

One of the things I love, and love teaching the oldest boy, is how art is part of pop culture even though it's transparent to us in a lot of ways if we aren't paying attention. The Booth museum has several pieces where they show you the artwork that was used for old west novel covers. They also show you with movie posters, the original artwork and the finished product.

But I think my kids favorite part is the interactive play place in the basement where we can make believe lots of old west fun.

It's kind of fun just let them run around and watch them play. Plus I think it's a good balance after having had to be good for SO LONG upstairs.

We hit the Booth back over 4th of July weekend. If you are ever in the Atlanta area I highly recommend it, it's a lot of fun.

I can get an 8 year old boy to play make believe there. It must be cool.


Laura said...

Alex just this morning stated that we simply must go back to that other Art Museum in Washington DC so that we can see the abstract art. He claims it is his favorite kind of art. I just think it's cool that he has a favorite kind of art. He may play a lot of video games, but he also reads and appreciates art. Kids are amazing creatures.