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Monday, July 04, 2011

Today I've Done Something Right

My day started with a quest to make these cupcakes for the 4th.
Having some sort of lemon cake is a 4th of July must to me, as when I was a kid, the neighborhood ladies would invariably made a lemon cake or an angel food cake with lemon icing or BOTH.
So I decided these would be awesome as lemon cupcakes.

My oldest boy is now big enough to use the electric mixer all on his own. It makes me a little nostalgic for the days he had to stand on a chair just to use a spoon, which he reminded me of and giggled while we were mixing.
Your proof I'm NOT Martha Stewart - I only had Halloween cupcake papers. Ha.

While they baked, the oldest boy and I played Lego MINOTAURUS and talked about Doctor Who and dinosaurs and Star Wars. You know, boy talk.
After they were done, we realized we only had enough yellow to complete one ear of corn on the cob, so we opted to be creative and call the other one Indian Corn.

While I was cleaning up, he comes back into the kitchen and says, "You know, this has been a really fun day so far."

That's how I know, today, I've done something right.


ei said...

indeed! Right, now! Thnx 4 sharing this! xoxe

American in Bath said...

it's true isn't it.