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Sunday, March 27, 2011

What Is a Perfect Day?

I might've said yesterday that it was dancing around my kitchen making brownies with my son, while we shook our butts and sang along to LOW RIDER.
In fact, it was the boy who started the dancing. I piped up with the singing cuz you know...
But more of a perfect day is a day when you get to try something HORRIBLE yet FANTASTIC like a BACON MAPLE SUNDAE.

And then at the Antique Fair you find not ONLY a SPACE 1999 Lunch Box but also a PLANET OF THE APES Trash Can!

I MEAN FOR REALS DAWG how awesome is that?????
I also got that painted window that I'm going to do SOMETHING with I dunno what.

Also obtained were festive cocktail plates and an Aunt Jemima cast iron bank. It's not a reproduction so it looks like we got a good deal based on the prices on Ebay which rocks.
Honestly I just wanted it because they're kind of a silly collectible but I was glad to find an older one.
I picked up two necklaces which aren't vintage but were made by one of those artsy people who sells things at fairs.
They were MUST HAVES as you can see.

Now I wish I had a cupcake.

It was a pretty amazing Sunday. I might survive this week coming up. I really might.

Howzit with all of you? Leave comments I like comments!


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

I DO know the low rider.