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Monday, March 14, 2011

Sick Is The New Black

Ok really it must be. Because I really only like fancy and fashionable things, and I've been sick over a week now. I had this glimmer, on Friday into Saturday of "wow I'm feeling good."
I think I actually said that to my girlfriend "Hey, I think I'm feeling better!" and then......well.

I'm not.

I can't imagine that being this sick is anything less than a fancy accoutrement to the already completely elegant life I call mine. It must be some new mandatory form of fancy.

I wouldn't BE this sick on my own, without cause. Right?

At this juncture I've passed sounding like Kathleen Turner and am just living in hurty-voice land. My throat feels like red fire. My lungs hurt. My head hurts on and off. Other stuff hurts. Today my butt exploded like 5 times. Or more.

I've gotta get better now, right?

This is live blogging at it's best. I should take my phone to the restroom and post from there tomorrow - post coffee.

Ok, let's think of two positive things to share.

Spring is coming!

Nice of the lady who used to own this house to plant these, wasn't it?
She also planted daffodils, which up north they say will keep away the deer.
Apparently that's only Yankee Deer because from what I can tell Confederate Deer eat them.
But what can you expect.....(wait for it......)