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Monday, March 28, 2011

These Eyes

Something is wonky with me.

It's my eyes.

When I first got glasses, I was sixteen and had to get them to drive.
I had gone my entire life unable to see, it turned out. As the tallest kid in the class usually, I always had to sit in the back of the room. It had never occurred to me that I was supposed to be able to see the things on the walls or the blackboard. After all - those things were far away.

It became more of a challenge as I got older and was expected to take notes. But, I had this awesome teacher in seventh grade who taught us and expected us to take notes as he lectured. He, in fact, taught the art of taking formal notes in class. So, I didn't have to see.

I took notes. I took awesome notes.

But when I was sixteen it turned out I could see perfectly up close but far away, I couldn't see a damn thing. So they ordered me bifocals which was pretty annoying as a sixteen year old.

As time went by my vision got bad enough not to warrant the bifocals but most doctors agreed I didn't have to wear the glasses for close reading, which I often wouldn't, especially when reading in bed.

Now though, something has started to happen. When I'm working on something at my desk, like signing something, or reading papers - I'm reading UNDER my glasses. Filling out forms at the doctor's office? Reading UNDER my glasses.

I can't see up close - through my glasses.

Dammit. Bifocals, you're coming back - aren't you?