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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

When You Are In Love With Your Family....

...Valentine's Day is spent at Chuck E Cheese where there is much joy to be had, from the look of it.

I'd say it was annoying, because I think thats the more accepted response among parents but - I had a WONDERFUL time. I love watching them get excited and play games and run around like crazy. They LOVED it.
And yes I'm letting the oldest boy play a shooting game. Sigh. I also played a zombie shooting game with him that we ROCKED at. I give up. Boys like to shoot stuff. He can't have a REAL gun. But an occasional FPS isn't gonna KILL anyone or make him a murderer. Plus, shooting zombies barely counts.
Zombie bastards, DIE!
Back at the house it was presents and chocolates to everyone's delight.

One of the best parts of my day though, was Miles learning to say something new. He said it right when we got there so before we left, I shot a quick vid of him......just a quickie - you can hear me telling him what I want to hear.


American in Bath said...

That's fantastic!