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Monday, February 28, 2011


(picture - NOT MY KID)
Ok so the exersaucer, play disc, etc thing is the best invention ever for babies ever. All of our kids have had them. The girl's sits in between our his an hers computers so she is right with us, especially in the evening when we are online geeking out.
On Saturday, I was logged in and yacking with my friend Gogo. The girl was beside me and bouncing and babbling loudly.
She starts rocking a bit, kind of - frantically, and is getting louder.

I turned and talked to her, and kissed her and tickled her. She giggled and bounced around some more, babbling more and calling me DA.

As I'm IMing I notice, she's really wiggling and bouncing and rocking and her babbling is getting fussy. Which is weird because she's eaten recently. She shouldn't be upset. I sing to her a little and she's ok but then she's not. In that way that babies are ok and then they are really not ok.

Now she's crying so I reach over to pick her up.

And her shirt is stuck to her back.

Pasted there, with poop.

She is literally slathered with what has to be her WEIGHT in poop from her neck down to her ankles. It's everywhere. All that bouncing has propelled it both up and down OUT Of her diaper with as much force as she could muster.

This would be more a tragedy except - my husband has already had this happen, THREE TIMES. Once for each boy. I was always at work, and would hear the tale of how they created a poop explosion while sitting in their disc.

It's a hell of a lot funnier when you aren't the one choosing to throw away the tiny pink clothes, let me tell you.


Rochelle@AFamilyofLooneys said...

I so feel your pain. I had that happen with my 3 kids. We also had a jumperoo. It did the same thing.

Frank said...

Only twice. Miles never did it.