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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Mornings Are Hectic

I was thinking this morning that there is a good reason our kids eat breakfast at school every week day and I would kiss the school system for it if that weren't frowned on.
It starts with rolling downstairs will three of four kids.
The baby goes into her high chair where she sits and plays with a high chair toy thingy.
I make her a quick bottle of formula and give it to her and go back to the kitchen to fill dinosaur water cups with - yes WATER and grab a couple of yogurts for the twins.
I give those to them and tell them to sit down.
Then I eyeball the coffee pot and keep moving.
Baby food - bananas and apples.
We've got a new food warmer for baby food. Fill the water to A then fill the water to B, unscrew the lid's jar and put the food in and turn ON - ok that seems to be working.
Coffee pot. It's staring at me.
I grab Charlie's enzyme for his autism study, and then the bread and throw four pieces of toast in the toaster. I chop up some sausages and toss them in the microwave. At this point the oldest boy appears from upstairs and starts rummaging in the fridge. He hands me a box of frozen minipancakes and tells me he wants those.
He also informs me that his creature in the video game SPORE has poison dart shooting MOOBS.
That seems fairly awesome to me.
The coffee post wants to know why I am ignoring it. I'm NOT I'm just bizzy I'll get to you.
I pour juice in cups and add the enzyme to Charlie's juice and
take it to them.
I pop the mini pancakes into the microwave and tell the oldest boy to get some water to drink.
At that point I realize I AM thirsty and grab a Coke glass out of the cabinet - and then POUR orange pineapple juice in it.
It looks so wrong, I can't even tell you. Please don't tell anyone from Atlanta I put juice in a Coke glass.
I take the twins their sausage and toast with some oranges - and realize Charlie has switched cups and drank all of MILES juice. I fill the cup back up and switch them.
Pancakes are done.
Baby food is done.
Butter pancakes, hand mahew and regular syrup to the oldest boy.
Grab baby food and mix it in with rice cereal and stir up up.
DAMN I forgot a cup of water for the baby.
Make a cup of water for the baby.
Take it all in the dining room.
And the twins have drank my juice as well as their own.
The coffee pot is still looking at me.

It's at this point that Charlie comes over, looks at me and says "Want brownie."

I am now trying to remember if I ever even made coffee. Yes, yes I did.

But I can't remember if it was good.

Now, two good things.
1. When you have a girl - you get to buy little shoes like THIS.

Which are freaking awesome.

And this isn't the best vid in the world but it's a quickie I snapped of my big girl doing one of her favorite games - PATTICAKE!


Laura said...

Those shoes ARE freakin' awesome. I wonder if they make them in my size.