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Saturday, May 02, 2009

Above the Smog Line

When we moved up here, further away from our OUTSIDE THE PERIMETER previous residence,the first thing I noticed was that the AIR smells so good. Like sweet pine, and some sort of flower I can't name.
It's fresh.
I think that there are mornings,like this morning....that are so good and I am so happy here - that I wonder if other people feel this kind of contentment wandering around their own homes in a bathrobe?
I love that I have deer who are eating my petunias and I have bunnies who hop through my backyard as though it's their own personal kingdom. I love that my neighbor is outside chopping down plants on the border of our yard which I thought were mine (no really it's cool bcse NOW I don't have to deal with them).
I love that I wandered onto my porch this morning to give my roses the coffee grounds in my robe,and it's all fresh air and birds chirping and quiet. I like that I HAVE roses,thanks previous owner-it's like the only cool thing you did regarding this house.
I think it's great that at night,even with the house buttoned up I can hear a chorus of bullfrogs all calling for mates.
It's not perfect here, but something about it fits us so well. Even on days when we're crabby and out of sorts - we've obviously come home.

It feels really nice.