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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Stairwell of My Discontent

I hate my stairwell. I hate my STAIRS. I don't even understand the ANGLE of them or the size of them.
What I DO know, is that I've fallen down them about 4 times, once quite seriously. The other times, being a PRO by then, I caught myself and didn't make the GRAND fall. The steps themselves don't seem to be wide enough. At least not when I'm coming down. Going up they are ok by they overhang the step below them by an inch or so and my foot is longer than that so it's hard to get down them.
My kids each find their own way.
Baby Birth of Cool, who put his HEAD through the wall falling down the stairs, just rolls right down them with ease. Hell he carries Po, Lala and Elmo up in his arms using no rail and just barrels up or down the stairs at will.
Baby Birdman holds onto the rail and lets gravity bring him down - legs flailing (it scares the crap out of me) and seems to crawl up them.
Lil Satchmo is cautious but adept.
And me, well I can't figure out how to go down them. I have to LOOK at them as I step on each stair or I'll MISS. I've lost my confidence on my own staircase.
I'd like to check them damn ANGLE of them. I can't believe they're code they're so steep.
And no, that isn't actually my stairwell. But it MIGHT AS WELL BE!


Frank said...

Ummmm, they are normal stairs. Not short, no weird angle, just weird wife.

rabid-disease said...

Whatever weird mind thing you have, I must have too! I'm the same way on all stairs. It doesn't matter if its only 3 steps-- wide, short, steep whatever. I have to look at each step and gauge my step or I tumble.