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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Sofa Situation

When the husband and I moved into our first house together, we had the luxury of moving into a cottage that my cousin had completely renovated. She even let us pick out some of the interior decor. My mom works for a local furniture company, so again, we were lucky - we got to pick out custom furniture.
Have you ever done this? It's such a luxury. You go and pick out specifics, patterns, pillows......and then a couple of months later your custom made furniture arrives.
We picked out a lovely purple couch. It was just beautiful. And a matching lounge chair. Huge, overstuffed, big cushions, and a sleeper hidden in the sofa. It was delicious and I loved it.
11 years and three kids later........it was just trashed. Holes in the upholstery, stains from barf and who knows what else....so we made a decision.
We abandoned it......au revoir old sofa......you can't come to the new house.

We just thought, we'd round up another sofa at some point. The chair didn't make it to GA, it died in FLA. But the sofa stayed behind while we moved here to our new house. What we didn't figure on, was how long it was going to be that we had to sit on the unbearable berber carpet (I hate berber carpet like I hate Hitler).

So, the husband has been surfing free-cycle, and got us a lawn-mower out of the deal.......and now, a sofa.

Well, sort of.

We had to put some of the old sofa pillows on it to make it useable.......and, it's a little rickety.

Lord, we've got a Papa-san. And not just ANY Papa-san - a LOVE SEAT Papa-san. My mother has suggested we get one of their chairs and do a 70s Bamboo theme. Remind me to thunk her in the head when I see her.
Try not to be jealous, haters!