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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Carnies Are Bad Spellurz - '08 Edition

Oh man, I was in for a treat this year....

What frightens me is that they HAD THIS SIGN MADE! It's a professionally made sign - and they had FOUR OF THEM. Sign makers - help the Carnies out - please.

What the hell is "cappachino FLAVORED coffee" ?

This one TOO. They went in and had this MADE for their trailer. Dear God.


"I'm Rachel" said...

This cracks me up. Did you see the Nightline, or Dateline or 20/20, or whatever "we're going to do whatever we can to scare the pants off ya" evening "news" program about carnies? It was some hidden-camera thing that caught the carnies smoking pot before they put kids on rides. And the news was all DO YOU KNOW WHO'S IN CHARGE OF YOUR CHILDRENNNN??????!!!! And it completely cracked me up because DUH!!!!!!!!!! You call that news? News flash! The earth revolves around the sun! Carnies smoke pot!