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Monday, September 03, 2007

Some Pictures For No Reason At All

First I would like to share the SUPERMARKET 4 TIGERS. This seems like a niche market with very little potential foot traffic, don't you think? Seriously the husband wanted to run in there and GROWL at the clerks, just for fun.

Next at Publix the other day Lil Satchmo say "Oh Look SUSHI! Let's get some SUSHI!" This is a little amusing because at our house, we're convinced that the only thing we did differently in order to get pregnant BOTH times was eat sushi.

The twins were less than enthusiastic. But they did try a few bites.

And lastly, here is the problem with having twin little brothers. They'll gang up on you and jack your yogurt while you are trying to eat breakfast.


moondogg33333 said...

I want a tiger

moondogg33333 said...

i got a new blog on here