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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Fall Harvest Festivals - This Time Georgia Style

We're a day delayed going home. We had to have the car worked on to make it sea worthy (or whatever you call it). I had to go visit the physician for the evil freaking plantars fasciitis in my damn left foot that was basically making it so I couldn't STAND on that foot.

I'm not sure this time, how much it helped. I endured the DEVIL's very own handiwork of an injection AGAIN.....and this time.....eh- not so much relief. I'm not all that excited. It's better. But not BETTER!!!!

In other news, we made our first pilgrimage to a country fair in the land of cotton.

We saw the baby animals - satisfying our primal urge to know that the animals thrive. We drank the complimentary milk - also confirming that the animals thrive.

And we went to view the produce and canned goods and lo, it was good. We would survive another winter. And there was great rejoicing! So to celebrate the fact that our archetypal memories were satisfied about the state of the human condition for the coming winter, we went to the midway to celebrate.

And in our family, midway celebrations consist of eating deep fried foods (on sticks preferably). Here The Husband enjoys Deep Fried Banana Cream Pie and I have the traditional Snickers on a Stick. Deep Fried of Course. I am hoping for something more original at the Georgia State Fair. Have they run OUT of sweet confections to deep fry?


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Deep fried Snickers?

I wonder how many WW points that would cost me?

Dana said...

Oooh! Great photos. I can tell you had a good time.

Holy heck, deep fried Snickers? That would be the death of any WW plan.