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Monday, September 17, 2007

Going Home to Say Goodbye

We will (this week) be making one of the sort of pilgrimages adults make in their lives.

We will be driving across the country so my husband can say goodbye to his mother. She has had a stroke and is not doing well.

She was always kind to me, and never had anything but good wishes for my family.

I tried to explain it to the oldest boy but I'm not sure how much a 4 year old (even one who is 47 inches tall) understands. He said to me, as I put him into bed last night, "Mommy, it isn't good that Grandma Anne is going to die."


It isn't good at all.


Frank said...

Nope. Not okay at all. Thanks for the post, Bunny. Mom would appreciate it.

coolbeans said...

I'm sorry. Travel safely.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

I'm sorry. That really sucks.

a happier girl said...

My stepmother died recently. Upon seeing the casket and realizing she was in there my daughter asked if the funeral home was heaven. My thoughts are with your family.