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Monday, April 24, 2006

With a little help from my friends

One of the weirdest things about moving around as we've done is that you have to meet new friends. Friends are not easy to make once you are a grown up. Most of you probably already know this. I think that sometimes stay at home moms have an advantage here, because you have people around in the day that you can hang out with or visit with to let your kids play.
When we moved to Kentucky one of the things that made me sad was that I lost my Indy friends. I didn't really lose them, but the inability to just see them and hang out with them at any given time was devastating to me. I have always been so very social. People dropping in to hang out any night of the week, big Sunday dinners when all sorts of random people would come by to eat, lots of cook outs and parties....Laura and I lived like that for a long time. It was a very warm and tight social group and when we moved I missed them all immensely.
People came to see us in Kentucky twice, I believe. We were three hours away, but it wasn't convenient to get to and mostly we just didn't get to see people anymore.
It was good practice for moving to Florida where it is like you fell off of the earth in terms of being near your friends.
I made friends in Kentucky and a handful will probably always be my good friends. But Kentucky had just started to feel like home when we left. Don't get me wrong, I wanted to leave. But when I left, I missed it so.
Now I'm in year 3 in Florida. I think 3 years is about how long it takes to become enmeshed in friendships for real. You start meeting people in the first year, but it takes TIME for them to settle into your life. It makes me so happy to finally feel that sort of connection with people.
Saturday night was one of the most perfect nights I've had from that standpoint in a long time. There was laughter, and talking about lots of stuff. Random food, music, Florida weather and breeze, and a commaraderie that shouldn't be so rare to us. No stress, no drama. Just friendship and happiness.
I look forward to another perfect night some time soon, when the beer drinking twin moms ride again.