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Friday, April 21, 2006

The Next Great Piece of Jargon

For Years in Business we've had stupid terminology that we bandy about as though it makes sense.
We've given each other "Heads Ups". We've thought outside the box (not to be confused with shifting our paradigms). We've multitasked and we've been pro-active.
We've done post mortems on events that had no actual dead involved. Most recently we've decided to either put up or take down silos, as is appropriate to the situation.
My husband, however, has just made up the best new bit of jargon ever.
"Let's open the volcano."
I have decided that this means that we have to absolutely let all hell break loose and see who is left standing.
I encourage all of you to "open the volcano", and to use this phrase at work as though it's common place.
Anyone want to take bets how long this will take before you hear it on TV?



Anonymous said...

Is good to be king.

Becky said...

I think they're actually doing that in Peru right now.

christa said...

i've actually been using my favorite line from "joe vs. the volcano" for some time now:


very dramatic stuff.

and the best movie ever.

April Brandon said...

That has to be the most brilliant thing that i have ever heard. We mommy's OPEN THE VOLCANO on a daily basis....LOL.

Odd Mix said...

I have thought I was opening the volcano when I changed my kids' diaper a time or two. "Holy crap! It's erupting again!"