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Thursday, June 09, 2016

Three Things Makes me Tired

I'm getting too used to not doing anything. This morning I sat staring at kids tv for two solid hours. I could've changed the channel to Ancient Aliens or mysteries of the Bible or something but the remote was across the room. I had a comfy seat and a pillow and a coffee and honestly, this gummy drop game on my phone isn't going to play itself.
Yesterday though, I was a busy bee.
To start with I had to go to a goverment office to get a password reset. In 2016 every place in the world allows you to request a password reset via an automatic process. Click, get email, clink link, reset. It's magic. Except the goverment. If you need a password reset from the government you better drag your ass down to their office miles and miles away.

I'm a pro at this now because I've actually screwed up their online thing twice, TWICE. The first time wasn't my fault but the second definitely was. Now that I know the system I can be in and out in thirty minutes. Walk in, fill out the form at the front - don't go up to the desk to explain your problem.  Lots of people make that mistake. FYI NO ONE CARES. Fill out your form and circle the specifity of your visit (it doesn't say to do this, but I find it helps them get you sorted faster). You drop the form in a BIG RED BOX next to the people at the desk who don't want to talk to you. Smile at them. Say hi, or good morning or something. That's a trick I learned from my mom. It's really sort of basic, but honestly when you're in a position of needing service of some sort, smile and be super polite. People take note. They smile back. This time the man at the desk took my form out immediately - there were other forms below it - so let's hear it for being polite.

At this point you just take a seat, turn on mobile data (no wifi in the government offices for the masses, sorry) and chill. The previously mentioned Gummy Drop game is a good distraction while you wait.

Eventually your name is called (14 minutes this time. A government officee record.) I explain the problem, get reset and move on with my day. BOOM. Done.

Weird what you can achieve proficieny at, isn't it?

After that I signed up to do a taste test which turned out to NOT be a taste test but a survey about containers of cottage cheese. I was asked questions like "can you get a spoon in to this container?" and I questioned the sanity of their usual customers. I did get to suggest designs for containers. That was actually sort of weirdly fun. If you see cottage cheese containers with a flowery lid - YOU'RE WELCOME I made your cottage cheese prettier.

They had snacks, which was pretty tasty.

After that - it was gymnastics with the girl. She did the gymnastics, I played the part of the doting parent who wanted her to be braver than she was. In fairness I am scared to death of the balance beam too, so I was reassuring afterward. But I guess I want her to be braver and tougher than me, so my heart yearns for her to toughen up sometimes. Only sometimes though.

Today I feel like a ball of sloth. I've been grinding my teeth which I do when I'm stressed out. I've eaten right, fed the kids well and have moved to black coffee vs. cream and sugar and I'm heading to the gym after while. My head and teeth are screaming though and I just feel like...something.

I'm unsettled. I'm worried. I'm fine. I'm here, I'm there, I'm everywhere. So beware.

(I sang that last bit, remnants of childhood songs that I forget the greater meaning of.)

I think I'm going to take some ibuprofen and drag my kids outside. Maybe sunshine will unclench my jaw.