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Monday, June 20, 2016

He Didn't Want To Get Married and Have Kids, You Know

My Mom always stressed to me that it matters so so much who you have children with.  She'd point out people we knew with crazy ex's or to use the vernacular, crazy babymamas, crazy babydaddys, and remind me that if you have a child with someone - you're stuck with them forever in some way shape or form. You better make sure it's someone you can handle having to share parenting with.

That might sound "not romantic" but my Mom was exceedingly pragmatic about life matters. There were things she never sugar coated because she wanted to make sure I GOT IT without question.

Therefore, on days like the one pictured above which was July 4, 2005 when I essentially had 3 babies on my hands, I knew I was lucky that I had them with the right person.
Our days are never easy, even leisurely days are harder work than I really share. But the ability to have those days and be happy together is the best thing about having him as the father of my children.
We spent yesterday doing what Dad wanted to do, to celebrate all he does. We started with breakfast/brunch (Dad's favorite meal) and headed over to the Chattahoochee river to the nature center to explore.
We were truly amazed by this nature center and the amount of things available to do there. We didn't see a quarter of it, because it was hot and we were there at the end of their day. I'd like to go back and rent a kayak and go down the Chattahoochee - I think I am going ot put that on my agenda for this summer.

And as for him, the guy I dated so long ago who didn't want to get married, didn't want to have kids, wanted to travel the world instead of settling down? He's my everything, he's their everything. He's the cog that keeps the machine of our family going. He's the Dad. He know's what's important. He admits when he's wrong or fails. He is a guy who chooses to do things his kids will love and will teach them something on his special day rather than not.

He's a guy who got a painted Terra Cotta Warrior for father's day, from a little boy who doens't talk but who we took to SEE the Terra Cotta Warriors a few years ago. Living proof even our Special little guys learn something from our adventures.

Then and now , he's in the Daddy Business and he's one of the best at it.
My Mom approved of my choice. Really, that's the best endorsement he could've ever gotten.