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Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Too Many Plans

I always make too many plans on Football Sundays. My husband goes to watch football and I think I'll get 54690508 things done and I'll spend time with the kids and I'll be a good PINTEREST MOM and I'll do things and we'll make crafts and play games and omg it'll be so magical and I'll be the BEST MOM IN THE UNIVERSE BECAUSE YES I SPENT TIME WITH MY KIDS.

Then time happens and I suck and nothing happens.

I started out ok. I decided to make pancakes and Louis was playing a video game and Julia was doing I don't know what and only Miles wanted to participate in the making.
But that's ok because Miles LOVES to make things, he wants to stir always so he thought it was great and I thought it was great.
Damn Russian Proverbs - David Stone you're right, THE FIRST ONE IS ALWAYS RUINED.

Julia wanted to make cupcakes on this Sunday. "Can we make cupcakes together?" she had asked. But then she also wanted to put together her pony that Santa brought her.

I agreed to participating in the pony construction. It was really around that time that I realized my cough wasn't just a cough, it was an inability to breath in exactly properly. And that means my lung capacity was decreasing and that means my asthma is kicking it up. I haven't had an issue in years like this so it's frustrating because of my medicine which keeps me in check so I'm not sure what's causing it.

It was also frustrating because I had a workout planned AND cupcakes to make.
I gathered the mix that her daddy had got us and said hey let's make our cupcakes, figuring my timeline of feeling good was getting short. She responded "I can't make cupcakes right now, I'm in a pony race."
So the oldest boy an the second oldest boy and I made cupcakes while she and her pony, who also happens to be named Julia, raced around the first floor over and over and over and over and over.

They turned out pretty well.
And as for me, I had a breathing treatment, and sat on the sofa and pondered a doctor visit for some steroids. I also feel a bit cheated that I'm ready to start really pushing myself physically when my lung said NOPE DON'T YOU EVEN so no, no workout for me any time soon.

I got a pony made, cupcakes and pancakes made. That's 3 things. Not 54690508 things. I suppose that's ok but I was disappointed. 

It's going to have to be good enoough.