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Sunday, January 03, 2016

Holiday In The Park

We decided that since our passes haven't been used at all this year we ought to at least make a go of trying out the Holiday in the Park event at Six Flags before it ended. We tried last time to replace our Stone Mountain Christmas with this one, and that was a fail. I think we enjoyed it a lot more this time just realizing it's only Six Flags with a Christmas "flair". It's a lot of fun but nearly half the park isn't operating, and so there isn't a ton to do - but that's ok because for us we can't really "do" a ton with our special little guys. Louis doesn't want to ride the mega coasters and Julia is too little so that limits what we want to do anyway.
Carolers greeted us upon arrival and Julia sang back to them loudly with great enthusiasm.

We had been in a rut for so long, not getting out, not doing "things" that I think they kids don't know what to do with themselves lately. We're more like us again and I'm glad.
We made straight for a roller coaster to start our day and Julia has decided she's a coaster fan. I personally can't figure out how much weight I'm going to have to lose to fit comfortably but man, my butt is still too big to be comfy that's for sure.
Next up we made for the train which takes you to the North Pole! WOOO! Ok really they've just decorated up the OTHER train station to look like the North Pole. Here's where it got....tricky. They're hired actual little people to be Santa's Elves...ok so, ummmm. I felt super awkward about it and I don't know why. Is that not appropriate? Is it just perfectly appropriate? The kids thought it was great, but I felt like oh man I shouldn't take their picture and I don't know why.
The kids thought it was great, so I suppose I won't fret about it too much.
We met a Polar bear and he seemed happy enough to see us. Julia told him she had his baby at home and he seemed shocked. It was a little funny. YOU OWE US CHILD SUPPORT, MR. BEAR!
The temperatures are supposed to plummet in the next 24 hours but it hasn't happened yet and we're lucky for that. It was cold, in the low 40s but not so cold we were gonna die.

We rode the Monster Mansion which Julia always gets mad at us for because she says it's too scary. I have to admit, parts are a bit scary, but we rode it anyway. She didn't seem too traumatized by the whole thing anyway, and got a pretzel which made everything better.
I told my brother she loves pretzels and he responded "Well shit who doesn't?"

Good point.
I think they should really have more indoor dining available, I'm all for the fun of the outdoor festivities and all but your food gets damn cold fast when you have to eat outside. What's the point of that? It's dumb. If I have to keep my coat on, my food's getting cold. I just paid 42 dollars for chicken tenders and fries, I would like them hot, you know?
For the first time ever we all rode the bumper cars and I have to admit it was sort of insanely fun. I let Miles drive - I had to help him a little but I think he mostly got the idea of it.
Since he proved his worth on the bumper cars I let him drive completely on his own on the Hanson Cabs...which he actually did great. Ok I worked the pedal but I figure one thing at a time. I've never let him drive before and he thought it was great - and he actually DID IT without us being herky jerky on the guide rail. I was really impressed with my little guy on this one.
According to reports from the car behind us, Louis did not fare quite so well.

About the time the cold really settled into our bones and we were all properly too cold to have fun we'd done all the things we really wanted to do and decided it was time to go home. We probably won't be back for a couple of years because our passes are up but that's ok.

On our way out we wandered through the JellyBelly store. Seriously what the hell is this about?