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Sunday, March 02, 2014

Soccer Season Kicks Off

The oldest boy and the girl are playing soccer this season. It's making a big change in our lives because his games are at 9:30 am. OMG WTF. WE ALL HAD TO GET UP AT 7:30 AM ON A SATURDAY. AND BE FUNCTIONAL.

It was actually kind of fun. We all had a big breakfast together before the game, and then we went out into the damn freezing cold air and intolerable breeze to watch his team do a great job beating a really good team. It's interesting how suddenly at this age, they're REALLY playing soccer.  Line judges, passing the ball, just like real footballers.

I said footballers for my Euro friends. You're welcome.

The girl took the field after lunch, and after it had warmed up considerably THANK YOU SUN FOR ALL THAT YOU DO TO WARM MY PLANET.

I would like to say she's the terror of the field, but instead, she's the little airplane on the field. Part of the game yesterday she kept declaring that "I AM A BALLERINA" and her coach would say "Ok be a ballerina who kicks the ball!" She wants to play. She doesn't want to play when she gets there. Or she has her own idea of what soccer is. I don't really know.
But she likes it and it's good for her. So what if her favorite part of the whole thing is uniform inspection because it means she can show off her princess sneakers?