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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Switching Places

We went to the fair this past weekend, and I had this moment of transition with my oldest son that was so comforting, so telling of who he is, that I've been brooding over it for days now.

We traditionally ride the Himalaya which is also call the Nordic Bobsled or many other names just depends on what your carnies have named it I guess.

It looks something like this.
Carnies blast 80s hair bands or rap or something, and the ride goes forward and there are sirens and then it goes backwards and there are more sirens. Sometimes there are lights. It's fun, I don't know why. It's one of the first "big boy"rides I ever talked him into getting on though, so it's kind of a tradition.

When we ride it, we look exactly like this.
That's actually us on it this weekend. We kind of love it. We laugh and howl and cheer and try to raise our arms, and for about two minutes, I'm not riding with my son but with my best friend. And we're having the best time in the world. We can't stop laughing, both at each other and ourselves.

But after we rode that, I talked him into riding the ENTERPRISE which is a totally different animal. It goes upside down. He does NOT care for that.

I was so excited he agreed to ride it with me, that I nearly sang along with PORN STAR DANCING while in line, but I thought hmmm, my 11 year old might not much care for that. But I WANTED TO TO.

This thing happened though, when they opened up the line to let us board. 

He took my hand.

I'd left my glasses with his dad and the little ones, and am blind as a bat without them. His hand isn't the little one I used to hold, sometimes forcibly YOU WILL HOLD MY HAND YOUNG MAN - no, it's the size of mine. He took my hand and led me along, naturally and carefully. When the ride was over, he again took my hand led me off, whispering "Just follow me Mom, I've got you."

He then talked me into riding a ride HE likes, one that spins and flops. He again took my hand, carefully led me up the steps, and onto the ride and got me buckled in. I felt helpless, like this old lady whose son was caring for her. I also felt safe. It was the best foreshadowing I've ever felt. 

As the ride started he cackled "We call this ride REVENGE HAHAAHAHAAHAH" and as I focused on not throwing up I still laughed because we were definitely even for me talking him into the Enterprise. 

He's amazing. And he's only 11.


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