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Thursday, October 17, 2013

It Happened One Friday Night

On Saturday, Oct 18 1997 was my friend Lori's wedding. I was looking forward to it. You see, Lori had driven us batty for about a year, preparing for the wedding. She wasn't a bridezilla but to say she was excited might have been quite an understatement. We bought her one of those glass lamps that you can put collectibles or whatnot inside and started collecting stuff from her wedding plans. The main plot however, was to steal her cake topper and put it inside, after gathering various items from the wedding reception. Favors, silverware napkins, etc.

Nothing would be spared.

I was pretty excited about it.

But Friday night, there were no plans. My best friend and her boyfriend eventually talked me into going out with them. Because that's fun, hanging out with people on a date is always good times. We were all friends though, and they were going to BW3 so eventually I was talked into a night of beers and triva.

There was a guy there working and after I'd been there a while he waved me over to the food counter.

I walked over, and he said to me ,"You ever date a cook?"

As for the rest...

It's the story of how families are made.