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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Remember That Time I Had a Heart Attack?

Neither do I.

Well and that's overly dramatic, because they're not sure what exactly is going on. But I was being a responsible adult yesterday and having a physical with my general physician and as they are doing my EKG he FROWNS.
Then he looks at me, and back at the paper and says, "Have you been having chest pains?"

Ummmm. No.

He then says they are going to run the EKG for a few more minutes, have me lie down part of the time, have me sit up part of the time, all the while he is frowning.

Then he shows it to me.

You know how your heart beat on the EKG paper goes UP UP UP in beats? One of mine goes down. Which is bizarre. It's also a change from my last EKG which he pulled out of my file. So something has changed.

I looked it up, and it's either indicative that I had a heart attack, might have a heart attack or it's benign and means nothing at all. On many levels, that's just like everyone else on the planet.

But I'm kind of disconcerted for sure.

Next we'll do a stress test and figure out if I need to do more tests after that.

Stupid mortality. Stop knocking at my door. I got four tiny humans and one big one who need me.


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Good God! You had a heart attack and didn't know it?

Gidge Uriza said...

Well, they don't KNOW what is up with me. I mean, I don't think I had a heart attack but they gotta sort that out. Women feel heart attacks differently than men especially small ones.

Laura said...

Thank goodness your doctor checks that kind of thing. I know mine doesn't...