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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

All Those Years Spent In Bars? NOT WASTED!

So the oldest boy had a school dance on Friday Night, and I got to be his date.
Yeah that's my kid mid-shufflebot. It was sort of ridiculous fun actually. The first of many dances at school and probably one of the last he'll ever want to go to with me. I might have a few more years, but even at the age of nine, you can see it beginning.
I mean, he did dance with his buddies and the principal for a while.
But before the evening was over, even a nine year old boy knew where it was at - dancing with the girls.
It was kind of cute, watching the little courtship rituals forming, boys dancing with boys, girls dancing with girls and then the occasional brave cross over. It was funny though because they'd dance to random songs in mixed groups but when it was a song they all knew, they'd run back to their friends to jump and dance.
These boys right here? They're sexy and they know it. I would say that watching 9 year olds do the WIGGLE WIGGLE WIGGLE part of the dance (and yeah, they knew what that was about) was the best part of the evening because it was in fact hilarious, but that'd be a lie.
Because OBVIOUSLY the best part of the night was when I won the ChaCha Slide DANCE CONTEST!

As my son keeps asking "MOMMY HOW DO YOU KNOW THIS SONG?????"

Well it wasn't hanging out and doing shots almost every night for years, in bars. No. I'm sure that wasn't it.


Laura said...

And, if they ever play "Joy to the World" or the "Unicorn Song", you'll have that covered, too...