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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

The Girl Is a Double Agent I Tell You

Yes it's true. This sweet roasted marshmallow loving face, is working against me, already.

You see, I've heard so much in the news about how autistic children respond positively to iPad and iPhone that while waiting at the doctor the other day with Miles, I thought that MAYBE just MAYBE I could show him Angry Birds and he'd chill out and not act like a nutball in the waiting area.

So I fired it up and showed him a few times, and then used his finger to pull back the bird and let him see how it worked.

An iPhone addict was born that day. Every day, any minute of the day he wants my phone. He deletes my apps. He takes hundreds of pics of his face. Sometimes short films. Every day I hook my phone up to the iTunes store and reset it nicely back to the way it's supposed to be. It's sort of a small price to pay for the level of calm it bestows on him.

But sometimes I simply don't want him to have it. Like for instance NOW. Because you see - if I save it and give it to him during TV time, instead of screaming he'll sit and play Angry Birds. So I say NO or I say the phone is gone or something and he goes about his business.
Except tonight. TONIGHT after bath I've got my phone tucked in my pocket in case the husband calls from the store, and am toweling off my small humans post bath and he keeps saying "Telephone. I want telephone." I was putting him off, saying no, no phone. No phone right now. Etc.


Don't be fooled by the sweet expression. That's a traitor. Plain and simple.


Kesseret Steeplechase said...

hahahahahahaahahha The girl is a traitor!

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