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Friday, October 14, 2011

Duran Duran Tonight Is Gonna Rock My Socks

So tonight I'm turning into a 15 year old girl and going to see Duran Duran at Chastain Park here in the ATL.
I was a huge fan back in the day, and I can say that some of my favorite pop culture moments are grounded in memories that are dressed in Duran Duran's clothes, and some of their lipstick.
Examples? Oh I've got them...
  • In 8th grade we would RUSH home from the bus to gather at Kim's house to watch the MTV top 20 Countdown because THE REFLEX was in the countdown. Come on, you KNOW The Reflex was the AWESOME at the time. MTV played videos back then, those were the days kids.
  • I saw Duran Duran on one tour, promoting which album I forget, and ERASURE opened up for them. These dudes came out dressed in corsets and were announced as "MADONNA'S FAVORITE BAND" and we yawned & went to get hot dogs and sodas. Now we're like "OH HELL WE COULD'VE SEEN ERASURE TOO!" Sorry, in Indiana in the mid 90s we didn't know they were cool.
  • I saw Duran Duran on a comeback tour (Ordinary World? I forget) and the entire place came off their FEET for JAMES - the opening act. Everyone with me went - who? We came off OUR feet when Duran Duran came onto the state. Hello generation gap. I swear we were only in our mid 20s at that point.
  • I saw them again the next year or two years later, and it was like drinking good beer versus Bud. Their hits were still awesome and their new songs were actually good to listen to, unlike some bands that go "this is our new song" and the entire audience starts wondering how much the nachos are.
I'm really excited to be going again as a proper grown up. I lack the Aqua Net and the hot curlers to really get my 80s look on but I like to think the boys of Duran Duran are also proper grown ups and might not have their 80s look going either. Unless it's a retro chic show and I didn't notice that. (don't think so).

I'll try to snap some of the boys at the show, can't wait. And now if you don't mind I gotta go, I'm hungry like the wolf....