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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Social Warning

I am here to warn you, young men and women of the Earth.
I speak to you from a position of experience, like a sage come down from the mountain to drop nuggets of wisdom and possibly chocolate on you.
Beware of members of the opposite sex you meet in bars.

I tell my cautionary tale lest others experience my same fate. You see, once, some 14 years ago last night exactly - my best friend urged my to come out with her and her new boyfriend for drinks and trivia.
I begrudgingly went.

I will tell you what happens when you talk to members of the opposite sex in bars.

Families happen.

You've been warned.

Yesterday day was  met-a-versary. Tomorrow is our date-a-versary.

14 years.

And counting.

You've been warned.


Frank said...

Thanks for saying yes.

Laura said...

I still remember that night very clearly - like it was last week. Where does the time go? We were in BW3 this week, and I was just thinking about this very story.