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Saturday, November 06, 2010

To My Husband on His 42nd Birthday

This week has not been kind to us gearing up for my husband's birthday. Our van, the only vehicle that holds us all, was in the shop. We had to brave the Atlanta traffic at rush hour with me crammed in the trunk of our SUV on Friday in order to fetch it.

But prior to that, I got THIS call "Hello this is Jennifer, your child is super sick. Can you come get him at school?" To which I said "Umm,ok which child which school?" When I realized that the child was set to get on the bus in less than 30 minutes, and I was like 45 minutes away. I asked "Umm, can he JUST get on the bus?" to which they said yes when I explained how far away I was.

Then, 30 minutes later they called and said "Umm, the bus driver wouldn't take him because he has a fever."

So I haul ass up across town, to get said sick child. Who is by that point rocking a temp of 103. Then back home, where we have to load up the entire family in the SUV with me in the trunk bit to go fetch the van.

After slogging through Atlanta rush hour to get there, and slogging through Atlanta rush hour to get home, it's past 7pm. And I need to go birthday shopping for the husband.

After diapers and bottles - it's even later.

We run through the electronics store (and I actually do score some pressies) and then to dinner.

Have I mentioned that it's freezing cold in Atlanta suddenly? This is important as the O'Charley's by us didn't seem to realize they needed the heat on. So we all sat and shivered and repeatedly asked if they would PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Turn on the heat.

Today, his actual birthday, he got up early A.M. to go to a Boy Scout event with #1 Son. And then it's to the festival at #1 Son's school, as the twins are both a bit sick.

He's pulling Daddy duty. On his birthday.

Because that's the guy he is. And I love him so much. Happy Birthday hunny!


Frank said...

Thank you, Hunny!

Heather said...

I missed this! Happy Birthday :)