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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

One Point In The Star

I haven't been writing much recently, mostly because I've got four kids and no time.
But there has been another reason.
I've got a good friend who had surgery a week ago or so, and I'm worried about her.
She's doing various degrees of good and bad and her recovery is taxing her body.
And my mind.
There are people who'd say that she isn't my real friend. Because we've never met in the corporeal sense.
But I'd disagree. When she was well, I'd talk to her every day on the phone. I've got her mother's pie crust recipe. We tell each other our secrets and our dreams. I talk to her more than people I've known twenty years. And she's no less my friend.
She's one of the best friends I've ever had.
I worry, here on the other side of the country, while her best friend in the real world sits vigil with her, and helps her through her recovery. I get messages and calls to let me know how it's going.

And I wait and I worry.

I've been thinking for about four days to address what I need to say about this time she's going through. You might be surprised that this atheist chose these words.

"Wither thou goest, I will go.
And where you lodge, I shall lodge,
And your people shall be my people."
- Ruth - 1:16

Our friends are the family we choose.

Get better Cajsa. I love you.


EKG said...

i know you have been worried, and while i don't know her, it was all i could do not to ask how everything was going today, because i know its been the focal point of your thoughts recently. i sit at my desk and sometimes look back to see what you are doing in your office. i've been sending positive vibes to you to send to your friend. <3

molly said...

Hi B, First and foremost, you are most certainly her friend. And hearing you speak of her makes me want to break into tears because when it comes down to it, the most important thing in life is having your friends and family there to support you. And if I was in that situation, I would be ever grateful to have your support. If I could, I would buy you a plane ticket to go to Portland. I'm pulling for Cajsa and I'm pulling for you. You are a good friend and I trust she is relying on you right now to help her pull through. Stay strong. I know you are.

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you and yours. Hugs and kisses from T&J

Anonymous said...

Knowing you and your family and so many others were expecting me to "not screw this up" and t get better were a greater part of my coming through this than you van ever know

Anonymous said...

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